12 Week. AT HOME Online Training Group
- Nutrition Guide Book ($79 value)
- Weekly Email Check In's ($50 value)
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12 Week online group training
All for less than $3/day!
Group starts Dec 7th!
Are you currently feeling overwhelmed with everything going on? Not sure what you will do minute by minute? Trying to manage 5 tasks at once? I feel you. 

The last thing I want people to do in this time is forget about their health and fitness - because we WILL GET THROUGH THIS and it WILL END. 

But maybe with everything going on, you have no clue what you will do to stay in shape, keep your energy levels up, maintain fitness, and also manage stress... I want to take that job out of your hands, and guide you with my online training group.

The online group will consist of workouts with no or minimal equipment and minimal time in mind. Yes, you still need to put the work in, but these workouts will be fun, 30-45 minutes at most, and most importantly, effective! 

The workouts can practically be done anywhere, and at anytime, and right now more than ever - we must still commit some of our time to our own health and fitness - both for physical and mental reasons.

Join this group to become part of a team, a community, and a support group to help motivate and encourage each other to become the best versions of ourselves. 

You will have weekly workouts sent to you through my fully interactive training app, and weekly check in's to monitor progress as we go along.
***How It All Works***
  • Full Training Program on Your Phone: Multiple planned workouts per week - balanced between strength, cardio, and recovery.
  • Weekly Accountability: Check In once per week to go over what's going on, what went well, and what you might have struggled with.
  • Full Time Access to Me: Have questions? Need modifications? Want a virtual high five? You can message me in the app anytime! 
  • Free Nutrition Guidebook Included: My guide to a healthy relationship with food, building the body of your dreams, and making it fun! 
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