Are You Looking to Make a Serious Change?
To your body, your health, your overall well being and relationship with exercise and food?

"Thank you Mike Gorski for teaching me to lift, reduce my body fat %, to count and meet macro goals and, most of all, teaching me that my health isn’t a number on a scale. Learning to listen to my emotions, think before eating, and STOP SHAMING! You’ve helped change my relationship with food and put my health goals on the same plane with my life goals. Again, thank you!" - Amy C

Stop guessing when it comes to your health!
Let me help you connect the dots, and work towards the body and life that you deserve.

I get it. There is so much out there about exercise and nutrition that it can make your head spin. What is right and what is wrong? What will help and what might hurt?

This is where I come in. For most people I hear the same response, “I know WHAT to do, just not how to do it!”
As a personal trainer for over 10 years, and a medically licensed nutrition professional (Registered Dietitian) and for almost 5, I have been fortunate enough to have worked with hundreds of people just like you. Anywhere from someone just looking to fit into their favorite summer dress, or someone looking to lose 50+ pounds and get their life back. 
Steve K.
Felipe M.
Zach M.
Benefits of Online Coaching
♦ You can work with me from anywhere in the world

♦ Flexible timing of workouts and scheduling of workouts - no specific day or time you must train

♦ One on one coaching, custom training programs, real nutrition coaching (no cookie cutter templates or meal plans.

♦ A fraction of the cost of in-person training and nutrition consults

♦ You will get results, feedback and a dynamic approach to your plans as you progress

With my custom app, you get full access to me, your workouts, your nutrition plan, and a full database of exercises with instructional videos to guide you along the way. I can keep in touch and keep you accountable from anywhere in the world.
Online Clients Checking In...
Kathy L - active Masters Level Triathlete. She fixed her relationship with food, eats MORE than before and lost over 30 pounds...while winning multiple 1st Place Medals, including a trip to the 70.3 World Championship in South Africa!
Joe S - Avid golfer, who took his game to the next level, landed a job as a head pro at a private club, and is still crushing the ball!
Is Online Training Right For You?
♦ Are you at least a little familiar with exercise? Have access to some equipment either at home, or even a full gym membership that has gone stale? Then this is all we need to get started!

♦ I will create the workouts based on your equipment access, your time schedule, and most importantly your ability to perform the workouts and various exercises.

♦ Online training takes a little bit more accountabilty on YOUR part - since we aren't actually meeting in person. There are weekly check in's to help with this, and full text messaging access via my app... but even this might not be enough for someone who only "kind of" wants to work hard. 

This is why I only work with truly dedicated individuals. Because you are here, I feel that you are one of these dedicated people. 

***If you are brand new to working out, or have a history of pain while working out – I would recommend you seek out a local professional for in person assessments and training.***
How Online Training Works
♦ After filling out my detailed consultation form, I will create your training plan based on where you currently are at, and where you are looking to get.

♦ My online training plans run for 2-4 weeks at a time, with variety in each weeks sessions – whether it is increasing weights, reps, or varying the rest periods.

♦ All workouts will take however long you tell me you have to train, and will only fall on days that you are available to train.

*Because of this, I do require a minimum 3 month commitment.*

Peg H. - 1 Year Transformation

  • Freedom: Stop fearing foods you love, learn to manage them 
  • Education: I won't just throw stuff at you, but TEACH you how to apply different methods, tips, and skills so they will last you for a lifetime.
  • Fun: Stop wasting time with boring diets, boring workouts, and boring lives - it's time to live your life to the fullest.
  • Peg H - coupled online coaching and in person coaching to totally transform, learn balance, and create a very healthy relationship with food (and wine ;) 
My Approach to Coaching
♦If you are looking for a quick fix gimmick, feel free to close the window now.

Truth is, quick fixes are just that – they work – until they don’t, often leading to weight regain, terrible dietary habits, and more frustration than ever before.

♦ I won't tell you what you MUST eat and what you CAN'T EVER eat.

I will educate you, and work with you, to create a sustainable plan that allows you to still enjoy life

♦ Your plan will be YOURS, and only yours.

I will create a custom training, and nutrition plan for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. No cookie cutter plans!

♦ If your goal is fat loss, you will accomplish it with the most calories possible

Anyone can starve you or put you on a fad, gimmicky 1000 calorie diet to lose weight - but you lose muscle, and feel like death. I want you to succeed beyond working with me, and create something that will last a lifetime.

♦ Training and nutrition that is founded in a science based approach, but also integrates over 10 years of acquired real world experience and knowledge from all my previous and current clients.
 - What They Are Saying - 
I had the privilege to work with Mike on my nutrition and workout routine over the last 12 weeks via his online program. 

My goal at the beginning of the program was to tone muscle and to lose ~7 lbs of fat. Post-program I am happy to say that I achieved my goals with Mike's help! 

This program worked for me because it was made for me; Mike didn't try to force me to drastically change my diet (yes, I still got to drink over the summer) or workout excessively. 

I loved having an online coach because I could do the workouts at anytime and could always send in email questions if I was unsure about anything workout or nutrition related. 

I can honestly say that Mike never passed judgement on my diet and was always really encouraging, even after several extravagant weekends over the course of the summer. Because of this program I now feel in control of my health and understand what it means to have balance in my diet and fitness routine. 

Mike taught me that I can enjoy my life and still reach my health goals. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity that I will learn from for a lifetime. 

Thanks Mike! - Brianne B.
I started working with Mike a few months ago. I was a 38 year old recreational bodybuilder, sitting at about 205 lbs, who has always struggled with excess body fat. 

I've tried Keto, Intermittent Fasting, and all the low carb "fad diets" out there. None of them ever got me to where I wanted to be. Mike took one look at my nutritional plan and started gradually increasing my carbohydrate intake. I was skeptical at first, being a "carbs are the enemy" type of guy all my life. 

Fast forward to 16 weeks later and I'm eating 340g of carbs per day. I've lost 15 lbs, dropped body fat by 4-5%, and my energy levels in the gym are through the roof. I have abs now!

   Mike has done far more for me than just adjust my macros. He shed light on detrimental nutritional habits. He made me aware of what, and how much I was eating, and the effect it had on my body. He is a motivator, a problem solver, an open ear. 

Having Mike as a nutritional coach has been a life changer. His knowledge and the ability to convey his message has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. He has given me a healthier relationship with food, without having to restrict the things I love. Most importantly, he has given me a shredded body! 

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone fed up with fad dieting, and ready to see some serious results. Thanks Mike!
Jeremy M. - PT, DPT, CIDN, CSCS

When it comes to dialing in my nutrition, fueling my grueling training schedule and optimizing my recovery so I can be the best athlete, coach, husband and father I can be, Mike is my guy. Similar to my training style, Mike breaks down highly complex concepts into easy to use action steps, which allows me to take action right away, which I truly appreciate

 - Dr. John Rusin, World Renowned PT, DPT, PPSC

Dr. Rusin is an internationally recognized strength coach, speaker, and writer, whose work has been popularized throughout the sports performance and fitness industries in some of the most prestigious media outlets in our industry such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Testosterone Nation,, Stack Magazine, and Muscle & Strength, to name a few. His innovative pain-free performance training systems have been taught to thousands of personal trainers, strength coaches and rehabilitation professionals from across the world -
What Other Clients Have Said...
“I never knew I could eat this much and still lose weight, the clarity you provided has been life changing”

 “The workouts are fun, challenging, and perfect for my schedule”

 “I have already learned so much about exercise and nutrition that I never knew existed – I only wish I knew this all sooner!”

 “Why didn’t I find you sooner!? I have made more progress in three months than I ever did in the last 3 years!”

 “I had to get new shorts because mine kept falling off – I guess I am a size 2 instead of 8 now”

Jordan B. - former D1 Lineman

  • Consistent: 3-4 workouts per week
  • Realistic: No fad diets, or funky exercises
  • Flexible: As a busy father of 2, husband, and successful lawyer, Jordan's life is just as busy as yours. 
  • Accountable: Jordan always reaches out with questions, concerns and anything else he needs clarity on - this is what a coach is for.
  • Beast: Jordan is willing to put in the work, and challenge himself (smartly) outside of his comfort zone. This is what drives results.

Be Like Jordan - Apply Today!

"I previously struggled getting myself to prioritize fitness because I was never able to find a plan that felt in line with my goals. Even when I would conduct the research and put a plan in place, I never had confidence that it would lead to the desired results. 

Mike has been THE difference maker in my mindset towards strength training and fitness overall. His dedication to learn about you and develop customized plans specifically for your goals provides a unique experience that is completely personalized. 

On top of these plans, he is incredibly responsive to address any questions and/or concerns that you may have. The support and encouragement Mike provides is second to none, and working with him has truly been a phenomenal experience! 

If you have struggled with fitness motivation in the past, I recommend that you reach out to Mike for a chat. One conversation will show you how knowledgeable, dedicated, and energetic Mike is as a fitness professional and coach."

 - Landon V.
Requirements For Online Training:
- No current injuries or major limitations.

- You must have a smart phone for the app.

- Access to at least some strength equipment.

- Minimum 3 Month Commitment
Requirements For Nutrition Coaching:
- Willingness to communicate weekly.

- Willingness to take accountabilty.

- Besides that - sky IS the limit! 
Ready to Give Yourself the Freedom You Deserve?
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